The SMS API integration is a way to integrate SMS services on your panels like website, software, CRM, etc. The SMS API integration is one the easiest best way to send automated SMSs directly from your platform. provides easy SMS API integration facilities.

Benefits of SMS API:

  • One functional control system to manage the inflow and outflow of the messages.

  • The security assurance of the delivery of messages.

  • SMS API can send SMS quickly to your potential customers.

  • Simple and easy to handle.

  • Speed and reliability.

  • The delivery status of your group SMS or single SMS can be checked without login into your web interface.

SMS API is surely the shortest you've ever done to your clients and customers where it is the open way to send your SMS to the targeted audience. Integrate our SMS API into your application/software to push alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions to your customers. SMS API is the software integration interface that enables a code to send short messages through the SMS API platform, where you can create a personalized SMS channel for sending and receiving all your messages.

Get Ready to Use API Scripts:

Integrate our SMS API scripts for Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl to make your application/software push alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions to your customers.

Text Directly from Your App:

Send one or thousands of SMS messages directly from your app.

Get started easily:

Create an account and integrate our API in less than one business day.

Features of SMS API

Take your services to the next level with integrated SMS API messaging.

  • Send Texts
    Send one or thousands of SMS messages directly from your app

  • POST Callback URLs
    We can POST text messaging replies and other delivery notifications directly to your application.

  • Unicode SMS Characters
    Send messages using character sets or including special characters.

  • Schedule SMS in Advance
    You can easily schedule your SMS API messages at any time.

  • Receive Replies
    Receive inbound SMS as a separate API or you can also allow replies to be posted to your application.

  • Check Account Balance
    Access your account to be verified and make sure that you have enough credit for the next campaign.

  • Long Text Messages
    This is very useful when you need to send additional information.

  • Check Delivery Status
    You can check the delivery status for every message you send.