Transactional Voice

Transactional Voice is used for dispatching information necessary for using a product and/or service by sending reminders, notifications, alerts etc.

A few instances where Transactional Voice can be used are:

  • Voice broadcast regarding account status or credit/debit card purchases.
  • Ecommerce alerts like order status, shipping status, delivery details, etc
  • PNR Status
  • Alerts/notifications to parents/guardians of students from educational institutions
  • Alerts/notifications to employees from employers
  • Registration Verification


  • Send Voice in multiple languages
  • Schedule Voice
  • Customize Voice
  • Delivery reports
  • Create groups
  • Contact management
  • Upload CSV, Excel, TXT Files
  • No DND filtering
  • Integration of Voice API with existing applications, websites or software
  • Voice can be sent 24X7
  • Dynamic and robust Voice platform.